होम News Uncovering Irregularities: Jharkhand Assembly Faces Appointment Scandal

Uncovering Irregularities: Jharkhand Assembly Faces Appointment Scandal


Concerns have been raised about irregularities in recent appointments at the Jharkhand Assembly. A Justice Vikramaditya Commission-led investigation uncovered a number of anomalies, including rule infractions and bias in the appointment of people to different positions. Many people are shocked by the report. Let’s examine the case’s specifics.Uncovering Irregularities

Worries Regarding Appointments:

The Justice Vikramaditya Commission report exposed widespread irregularities in recent appointments that the Jharkhand Assembly had to deal with. The inquiry revealed a number of irregularities, including blatant partiality and disregard for appointment rules. There has been a stir in the state over these findings.

Notably, prior accusations were made along similar lines. There were allegations of irregularities in 150 and 374 appointments, respectively, during the terms of Indra Singh Namdhari as Speaker from 2000 to 2004 and Alamgir Alam from 2006 to 2009. In order to look into these claims, the Raghuvir Das government established the Justice Vikramaditya Commission in 2017.

Draupadi Murmu, the governor at the time, received the Justice Vikramaditya Commission’s report in 2018. For fifteen years, nothing was done in spite of the shocking results. To reevaluate the findings and legal implications of the investigation, the Hemant government formed the Justice Mukhopadhyay Commission in 2022. The results of this new commission, though, have not yet been made public.

Shivshankar Sharma’s public interest lawsuit against the Assembly’s appointments, filed in the Jharkhand High Court, escalated the situation. Fearing for the integrity of the selection process, he demanded a CBI investigation into the alleged wrongful appointments.

Defective Interview Process:

The examination uncovered notable anomalies in the interview procedure carried out for the appointments. Unbelievably, a single panel of interviewers conducted 600 interviews in a single day—a task that was thought to be unfeasible. A lack of openness and justice was also demonstrated by the interview committee’s inclusion of members from unrelated departments, such as typing branch officials.

Public indignation and legal actions have been sparked by the disclosure of irregularities in the appointments to the Jharkhand Assembly. The investigation’s conclusions cast doubt on the validity of the hiring procedure and highlight the necessity for the state to have open, equitable, and transparent hiring practises. The people of Jharkhand are waiting impatiently for justice and accountability as the legal proceedings progress.

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