होम News Rising Onion Prices in Ranchi: Causes and Reactions

Rising Onion Prices in Ranchi: Causes and Reactions


Unsettlingly, Ranchi is seeing a sharp spike in onion prices as a result of a serious supply shortage from important states like Maharashtra. The wholesale price of onions has skyrocketed from Rs 20-25 per kg to an unsettling Rs 40-45 per kg in the last two weeks. Customers must pay even more at the retail level, where costs can reach Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kg. Residents are now battling with inflated grocery bills and looking for other options as a result of this sharp price increase.

How Did the Increase Occur?

In Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, heavy rains and flooding devastated onion crops, seriously disrupting the supply chain. These natural disasters, which harmed crops and interfered with transportation, are being blamed by traders and vendors. The demand for onions has increased due to the ongoing holiday season, which is driving up prices.

Impact and Reactions from Consumers

Consumers are being forced to reevaluate their purchases due to rising prices. In an effort to control their kitchen expenses, many people are now cutting back on their onion consumption or switching to alternatives like garlic and green chillies. Infuriated customers have also claimed that vendors are hoarding onions and are using fake scarcity to artificially raise prices.

The Reaction of Government

Assuring the public that steps are being taken to stabilise onion prices, the state government has intervened in response to the crisis. The supply chain is being improved through the use of alternate sources. District administrations and the department of food and civil supplies have received orders from the government to keep a close eye on the onion market. To ensure a fair and affordable market for all customers, strict measures will be taken against any malpractices or profiteering by traders.

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