होम News Hemant Government Launches Santali Language Coaching for UPSC Aspirants

Hemant Government Launches Santali Language Coaching for UPSC Aspirants


Free UPSC Coaching

Hemant government has entrusted the responsibility of providing free coaching for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination to the Dr. Ramdayal Munda Tribal Welfare Research Institute. This non-residential coaching program, spanning four months, is set to commence this Wednesday.

Thus far, 30 students have enrolled for this free education program. The state government, through the “Santali Language Coaching,” aims to prepare youth from the Scheduled Tribe category for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Dr. Ramdayal Munda Tribal Welfare Research Institute has been assigned the responsibility for this coaching program, which is non-residential and will run for four months. The inauguration of this program is scheduled for Wednesday.

The program’s objective is to ensure success for Scheduled Tribe students in the eighth schedule of the Constitution in the Santali language in the UPSC Civil Services competitive exam. Santali has been included as an optional subject in this exam.

It is believed that due to the specific features of the Santali language curriculum, there is a possibility of scoring higher marks compared to other language curricula in competitions. The uniqueness of the Santali language lies in its similarity to the mother tongue Santali spoken by participants from Mundari language families such as Mundari, Ho, Kharia, Asuri, Birhor, Birjia, Swasi, and others. This similarity eliminates any difficulties in preparation.

Two additional coaching programs will commence from the second week of January. Special classes will be conducted separately for participants from non-Mundari language families in this coaching, extending the benefits beyond Mundari-speaking communities. Preparation for the subject will be conducted by eminent scholars, including Dr. Dumni Murmu, Assistant Professor in the Santali Language Department at Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University, and Dr. Francis C. Murmu and Dr. Santosh Murmu.

The institute will launch two more coaching programs starting in the second week of January. These programs include non-residential coaching for the preparation of the State Public Service Commission competitive exam for Scheduled Tribe youth and residential coaching, free of cost, for economically weaker youth from the tribal community.

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