होम News Prime Minister’s Visit to Ranchi Today

Prime Minister’s Visit to Ranchi Today


Prime Minister’s arrival in Ranchi and the programs scheduled in Gumla, Palamu, and Chaibasa have prompted the deployment of security from the police headquarters. A total of 19 IPS officers have been assigned to these four districts. Additionally, 99 officers of ASP and DSP ranks have also been deployed. About two thousand extra police personnel have been stationed at each program location, including inspectors, sub-inspectors, and ASIs, along with constables.

As the Prime Minister departs from Birsa Munda Airport and proceeds via Harmu Bypass to Raj Bhavan, special security arrangements will be in place. Surrounding areas where public entry is expected have also been barricaded, with police personnel stationed on both sides of the roads. Stringent security measures have been implemented outside the airport premises, including patrols by personnel and inspections of tall buildings along the route. On Thursday, deployed personnel and police officers received briefings on various security aspects.

The Jharkhand police is fully prepared for the Prime Minister’s visit. On Thursday, IPS officers, police officials, and personnel gathered in the courtyard of the displaced building in Dhurwa. Here, IG Pankaj Kamboj, DIG Anup Birthare, SSP Chandan Kumar Sinha, and City SP Rajkumar Mehta briefed the personnel on security-related matters.

The Ranchi district administration has declared all routes through which the Prime Minister will pass as no-flying zones. This includes a perimeter of 500 meters from Birsa Munda Airport to Raj Bhavan, encompassing areas like Hinoo Chowk, Birsa Chowk, Argora Chowk, Harmu Chowk, Harmu Road, and Ratu Road intersection. Additionally, a prohibition order (Section 144) has been imposed in these areas. Mock drills were conducted by SPG and Ranchi police from the airport to Raj Bhavan and vice versa. The drill started at six in the evening and the security convoy reached Raj Bhavan within 15 to 20 minutes. After a brief stay near Raj Bhavan, the security convoy, including SPG, fire brigade, ambulance, bulletproof vehicles, and armed personnel, departed for the airport.

The Pradesh BJP has completed preparations for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program in Ranchi on Friday. Party workers under the leadership of Pradesh President Babulal Marandi will be stationed at various intersections and squares such as Birsa Chowk, Argora Chowk, Pradesh BJP Office, Harmu Road, and BJP Mata Chowk to welcome the PM. This information was provided by Pradesh General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Aditya Sahu, who interacted with journalists at the Pradesh BJP Office on Thursday. He expressed enthusiasm among the general public and party workers of Jharkhand regarding the Prime Minister’s visit.

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