होम Sports Exciting India vs England Fourth Test Match in Ranchi !

Exciting India vs England Fourth Test Match in Ranchi !


fourth test match between India and England is set to kick off in the capital city on Friday. The preparations are in full swing, with entry for spectators starting at 7:30 AM at the stadium. Inside the stadium, restrictions on helmets, bags, and food items will be enforced for security purposes.

Cricket Fans Flock to Ranchi from Around the World

On the eve of the match, there was a rush of spectators at the ticket counters. Fans from both India and abroad flocked to enjoy the test match. Notably, the Drake brothers, Kevin and Port Drake, known for their avid support of the England team, were spotted in Ranchi. They are big fans of cricket and make it a point to attend England’s matches wherever they play.

Kevin Drake expressed his excitement about being in Ranchi and pledged support for the England team during the fourth test match. The brothers even purchased Team India jerseys from outside the stadium. Adding to the fervor, English couple Mark Jones and Lucia Jones enjoyed a tour of the famous lake in Ranchi. They commented on the incredible cricket craze in India.

Demand for Dhoni, Kohli, and Rohit Jerseys

Outside the stadium, there was a brisk sale of jerseys of Team India players. Fans showed a particularly high demand for jerseys of Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Rohit Sharma. Caps were also a sought-after item. Indian fans are eager to witness the batting prowess of Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal.

Changes in Traffic Arrangements for the Match

Due to the cricket match, there will be changes in traffic arrangements from February 23 to February 27. About 1500 personnel have been deployed near the stadium for security. The complete responsibility of security arrangements lies with SSP Chandan Sinha. The SSP mentioned that robust security measures have been put in place, not only at the stadium but also in surrounding areas.

Updated Traffic Routes:

The city of Ranchi is buzzing with anticipation as cricket enthusiasts gear up for what promises to be an exciting match between two formidable teams.

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