होम News Supreme Court Halts Assistant Teacher Recruitment Exam Results

Supreme Court Halts Assistant Teacher Recruitment Exam Results


Supreme Court has halted the release of results for the Assistant Teacher Recruitment Exam. During Friday’s hearing by Justices JK Maheshwari and Sanjay Karol, the court instructed the Jharkhand government and JSSC not to release results without Supreme Court’s permission. As the matter is sub judice, any unauthorized release of results will be restrained.

The next hearing for this case is scheduled for the first week of July. Meanwhile, the Hindi exam for assistant teachers is commencing this Saturday.

Candidates who passed the JETET exams have challenged the order of the Jharkhand High Court, which directed the inclusion of JETET pass candidates from other states in the assistant teacher exam. Counsel for the petitioner argued in the Supreme Court that JETET candidates have knowledge of regional languages like Santhali and Khortha, as they have cleared exams in these languages. However, CTET candidates only have proficiency in Hindi or English.

If assistant teachers are appointed in Jharkhand primary schools through the SETET, they would face difficulty in teaching children in Jharkhand’s language. This would also violate the right to education. The High Court does not have the authority to make decisions on policy matters like these; such powers rest solely with the Parliament.

The High Court had also stated in its order that if SETET candidates are appointed, they must pass the JETET exam on their first attempt.

If the Jharkhand government does not conduct the JETET exam for three years, this condition will not apply to the candidates. They will be given three months to prepare for the assistant teacher exam.

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