होम News Power Problems Plague the Ranchi

Power Problems Plague the Ranchi


As summer heats up in the Ranchi, so does the electricity problem. Over the past week, areas outside the VIP zones of the city have been facing issues of load shedding. Many areas are experiencing power cuts of more than two hours, with the department attributing it to local faults. Meanwhile, rising temperatures and humidity in the city have compounded the issue with low voltage, leaving people frustrated.

In densely populated areas such as Kadru, Hindpiri, Ketari Bagh, Chutia, Maulana Azad Basti Kantatoli, Doranda Manitola, Saramtoli Chowk, Jagannathpur, Bariatu Housing Colony, Harmu Karam Chowk, Vidyanagar, and surrounding regions, low voltage problems are becoming apparent. A survey of household loads will soon be conducted to address the issue.

The department cites excessive electricity consumption beyond the sanctioned load as the primary cause of low voltage in the capital. P.K. Srivastava, the department’s director, mentioned that people are using air conditioners of 1.5 to 2 tons without notice or proper connection, exacerbating the situation. A survey related to load issues will be conducted soon, followed by necessary action.

Areas surrounding the capital are grappling with power cuts.

Small industrial areas are affected mildly by these outages. Namkum, Angara, Bedo, Rahe, Mandar, Ormanjhi, Tatisilwai, Tupudana, Kanke, and nearby areas are facing disruptions. Additionally, internet cafes, photocopy shops, stationary stores, and ration shops are also suffering economic losses due to these issues.

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