होम Health Central Government Allocates Rs. 11 Crore for New Community Health Center in...

Central Government Allocates Rs. 11 Crore for New Community Health Center in Koderma, Jharkhand


Central Government has taken a major step by allocating Rs. 11 crore for the construction of a community health center in Koderma district, Jharkhand. This initiative comes under the Emergency COVID Response Package 2. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these areas faced a shortage of healthcare services, prompting the need for better infrastructure.

The construction of the hospital building will be undertaken by the Building Construction Corporation Limited. To kickstart the project, a detailed project report (DPR) has already been submitted, and soon, the bidding process will commence.

Jharkhand Receives Rs. 638 Crore Health Package in Phase 2

In the second phase, the Central Government has approved a package of Rs. 638 crore for Jharkhand to enhance essential health facilities. Koderma has been selected as the focus area under this package to develop necessary health resources.

Two-Story Hospital with Doctor Residences

The proposed hospital will be a two-story facility equipped with outpatient departments (OPD) and indoor wards. With a capacity of 100 beds, the hospital will feature a minor operation theater and a major operation theater. Additionally, quarters for doctors and staff will be constructed, along with a boundary wall costing approximately Rs. 28 lakhs.

Healthcare within 25 Kilometres

For better healthcare accessibility, especially for people in and around Koderma, the city is required to be within a reachable distance. The proposed center is strategically located at a distance of about 25 kilometers, making it convenient for residents.

Addressing the Healthcare Gap

Currently, the nearest community health center is around 10 kilometers away in Kalyan Sun. However, it lacks adequate healthcare facilities. In such situations, patients often have to travel to the city for various treatments, emphasizing the need for improved local healthcare services.”

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