होम Uncategorized Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’: Japanese Couple’s Extraordinary Journey to Witness the Frenzy

Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’: Japanese Couple’s Extraordinary Journey to Witness the Frenzy


The excitement surrounding superstar Rajinikanth’s action-packed thriller ‘Jailer’ continues unabated. A remarkable display of fandom came from an unexpected corner as a couple embarked on a journey all the way from Japan to Chennai to witness the film’s magic. The man, known as Yasuda, a devoted Rajinikanth fan, accompanied by his wife, made the pilgrimage to immerse themselves in the Rajini fever alongside fellow enthusiasts.

Social media platforms buzzed with the viral sensation of the couple, both adorned in white t-shirts bearing Rajinikanth’s iconic image. In an exclusive interview with ANI, Yasuda shared, “As a couple, we traveled from Japan to Chennai to experience the exhilaration of Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’ on its first-day first show. We were eager to watch our beloved thalaiva on the big screen, and our expectations were met beyond satisfaction.”

Yasuda even delighted the crowd by flawlessly delivering Rajinikanth’s dialogue from the film in Tamil. Theatres echoed with the joy of fans who eagerly rushed to witness the spectacle on Thursday.

Outside cinema halls in Tamil Nadu, fans rejoiced in fervent celebration, cheering for the star, dancing to the beats of dhol drums, and igniting crackers in tribute. Some enthusiasts went as far as pouring milk over the poster of the ‘Kabali’ actor. Adding to the spectacle, a Rajinikanth lookalike made a charismatic appearance at the theater.

Turning to the film itself, ‘Jailer’ casts the Superstar as the father of a valiant police officer. The trailer offers a glimpse of an ordinary man wielding swords and firearms in his quest to vanquish malevolent forces.

While the teaser briefly showcases Jackie Shroff, his portrayal exudes an aura of menace and authority, leaving a lasting impression on the viewers. Interestingly, this marks a reunion of Jackie Shroff and Rajinikanth after 36 years since their appearance together in ‘Uttar Dakshin’.

‘Jailer’ promises to be a gripping action-packed extravaganza, featuring an illustrious ensemble cast including Priyanka Mohan, Shiva Rajkumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, Ramya Krishnan, Yogi Babu, Vasanth Ravi, and Vinayakan in pivotal roles.

Moreover, the makers have orchestrated an exciting surprise by enlisting Malayalam actor Mohanlal for an extended cameo appearance in the film, adding to the film’s already heightened anticipation.

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