होम Sports Jharkhand Olympic Association Plans State Games in October

Jharkhand Olympic Association Plans State Games in October


Jharkhand Olympic Association (JOA) has decided to organize the State Games this year as well. The preparations for the event, scheduled for October, are already underway. Recently, there has been agreement on this matter in the JOA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

According to JOA Secretary-General Madhukant Pathak, if the notification for the assembly elections is not issued in October, the State Games will be organized. This event will encompass various sports affiliated with the Olympics, including athletics, archery, and others. Initially, district-level competitions will be held, followed by state-level competitions.

Additionally, JOA will be responsible for organizing sports where disputes are ongoing or where two factions within a sports association exist. JOA will oversee the organization of such events. The list of these sports associations is already available with JOA.

Stay tuned for further updates as JOA gears up to promote sports and athleticism across Jharkhand!

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