होम News RMC Invests Rs 10 Crore in Ranchi’s Transit Revolution: Khadgarha and ITI...

RMC Invests Rs 10 Crore in Ranchi’s Transit Revolution: Khadgarha and ITI Bus Depots Take Center Stage


Ranchi: In a bid to revolutionize the city’s transportation landscape, the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has greenlit the construction of two state-of-the-art bus depots at Khadgarha and ITI bus stand, each boasting a lavish budget of Rs 5 crore. This visionary project aims to enhance the overall commuting experience for residents and visitors alike.

Anticipated to kick off imminently, the construction of these depots promises a multitude of amenities, including expansive parking facilities, ticket counters, comfortable waiting areas, well-maintained toilets, enticing cafeterias, fully-equipped workshops, and administrative offices. Ensuring the safety of commuters, the depots will also be equipped with cutting-edge CCTV cameras and vigilant security personnel.

The RMC has opened the doors for tenders, marking the first step towards the realization of these contemporary transit hubs. Situated on RMC-owned land, these depots will be managed and operated directly by the RMC, serving as pivotal points for both intra-city and inter-district bus services.

In addition to the groundbreaking depot project, the RMC is set to elevate existing bus stands across the city, including Harmu, Kokar, Doranda, Argora, and Piska More. Aesthetic upgrades will include the installation of LED boards, comfortable benches, strategically placed dustbins, refreshing water coolers, and cooling fans. Adding a touch of greenery and artistry, the RMC plans to beautify these transit points with carefully curated plants and vibrant paintings.

The concerted effort by the RMC reflects a dedicated commitment to enhancing public transportation infrastructure in the city. By offering these modernized depots and upgraded bus stands, the RMC aims not only to attract a higher number of passengers but also to alleviate traffic congestion, creating a more seamless and enjoyable commuting experience for all.

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