होम News Traffic SP’s New Plan to Tackle Persistent Traffic Jams in the City

Traffic SP’s New Plan to Tackle Persistent Traffic Jams in the City


In a bid to address the ongoing issue of increasing traffic jams in the city, Traffic Superintendent of Police Rajkumar Mehta has formulated a new plan. The plan involves strict measures against vehicles parked haphazardly along the roadside. To implement this strategy, SP Rajkumar Mehta has assembled a dedicated team consisting of one officer and five police personnel.

These officials, riding in sound-equipped vehicles, will patrol the city’s three main roads, making announcements to deter unauthorized parking in designated areas. The announcements will also emphasize that vehicles found parked beyond the white lines on the roadside will be subject to fines. This initiative aims to discourage individuals from parking their vehicles improperly along the streets.

Additionally, Station House Officers (SHOs) have been directed to conduct awareness campaigns. They are also instructed to prevent any recent encroachments on the roadsides.

The traffic police will commence the announcement campaign from Wednesday. Initially, the focus will be on Main Road, Harmu Road, and Lalpur Road. The number of teams may increase if the need arises.

SP Chandan Sinha is also actively involved in streamlining traffic flow. He is constantly monitoring the traffic situation and providing specific guidance to police officers. To tackle the traffic congestion problem, SSP Sinha has directed all SHOs to run campaigns against any recent roadside vending.

The enforcement of this plan is set to begin soon, with the primary objective of alleviating traffic issues in the city. SP Rajkumar Mehta stressed the importance of cooperation from the city’s residents in achieving this goal.

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