होम Politics Political Clash at Ulgulan Nyay Rally in Ranchi

Political Clash at Ulgulan Nyay Rally in Ranchi


Ulgulan Nyay Rally held at Prabhat Tara Maidan in the capital city of Ranchi created a chaotic atmosphere when Jharkhand government minister Alamgir Alam was addressing supporters, and in the midst of it, supporters of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Congress clashed.

Supporters from both parties got injured In fact, workers from both parties came face to face over the Chatar Lok Sabha candidate issue and started physically assaulting each other. During the scuffle, workers from both camps got injured. One worker’s head was injured, and blood started flowing.

Political Clash at Ulgulan Nyay Rally in Ranchi

Chairs were thrown from both sides Afterwards, chaos erupted at the venue. People started running helter-skelter. Workers from both camps began chanting slogans against each other. Chairs were lifted and thrown from both sides. Whoever they found, they started hitting. As a result, some present workers suffered serious injuries.

Other people present there also got involved. However, after intervention by administrative officials and police personnel deployed at the venue, workers from both camps were calmed down, and then the leaders’ speeches resumed at the rally. It was announced that the Congress has nominated K.N. Tripathi as its candidate from Chatar, which was being opposed.

K.N. Tripathi’s brother filed a written application at the police station The police said that K.N. Tripathi’s brother Gopal filed a written complaint at Dhurwa police station. Gopal has accused others of assaulting him. SSP Chandan Sinha said that the incident of assault did occur. A case will be registered in this matter. The police will investigate the entire incident and take action against the culprits.

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