होम News Jharkhand Chief Minister Summoned by ED: Land Scam Inquiry

Jharkhand Chief Minister Summoned by ED: Land Scam Inquiry


Jharkhand’s Chief Minister, Hemant Soren, finds himself summoned once again by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for questioning in connection with a land scam case. This marks the second occasion that the ED has taken this step concerning the Chief Minister.

The summons revolves around a contentious land scam that has been making waves in Ranchi. In a previous instance, Soren was summoned by the ED for questioning on August 14th; however, he chose not to make an appearance before the agency. Instead, he responded in writing, challenging the legality of the summons and raising accusations that the agency’s actions are influenced by political motives.

Soren has taken a firm stance against the ED’s summons, asserting that it lacks legality and is tainted by political interference. He has conveyed his intention to seek legal counsel and navigate the situation according to the advice he receives. Reports have surfaced indicating that the ED is considering issuing another summons to him in the near future.

This complex case involves the arrest of 14 individuals, including notable figures such as former Ranchi Deputy Commissioner Chhavi Ranjan and Vishnu Agarwal, operator of Nucleus Mall. It was during the interrogation of these individuals that the role of the Chief Minister came into focus, prompting the ED’s decision to summon him.

This is not the first instance of a Chief Minister facing an ED summons. Previously, Soren was summoned in relation to a Rs 1000 crore illegal mining case in Sahibganj. The ED is currently delving into potential money laundering linked to various land transactions in Ranchi, encompassing a 4.55-acre plot that holds significance for the army.

The Chief Minister’s absence from the ED’s questioning sessions has ignited speculation that he may seek additional time. His schedule is purportedly brimming with various programs meticulously organized in anticipation of Independence Day celebrations.

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