होम News Light to Moderate Rainfall with Thunder, Gusty Winds in Jharkhand

Light to Moderate Rainfall with Thunder, Gusty Winds in Jharkhand


Jharkhand witnessed scattered thunder, gusty winds, and light to moderate rainfall in some areas over the last 24 hours. The highest rainfall recorded was 19.3 mm in Gadwa, while the maximum temperature reached 40.2 degrees in Godda and the minimum was 19.7 degrees in Daltonganj. Looking ahead to Tuesday’s weather, there is no likelihood of rain, but the Meteorological Department has issued a warning regarding a heatwave.

Scientist Abhishek Anand from the Ranchi Weather Center mentioned that the current impact of the western disturbance in the state is weakening. Due to this, there is no expectation of rain today. However, there is a need for people to remain cautious about the heatwave. This early heatwave is not suitable for children and especially for the elderly, as it can lead to an increase in cases of viral fever, coughs, and colds.

What to Expect Today’s Weather

Today, the entire state will remain dry and sunny throughout the day. The average maximum temperature will range between 39 to 40 degrees, with an increase of 2 degrees, resulting in noticeably warm afternoons and a heatwave. In light of the heatwave, a yellow alert has been issued in three districts, including East and West Singhbhum and Saraikela.

Probable Weather in Districts Today

Stay updated with the latest weather alerts and take necessary precautions, especially during the rising temperatures.

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