होम News Short Circuit Sparks Fire in Ranchi’s Dhurva Police Station Barrack

Short Circuit Sparks Fire in Ranchi’s Dhurva Police Station Barrack


A fire broke out in a barrack of Dhurva police station in Ranchi in morning, resulting from a short circuit. The barrack, which served as a storage room, was completely destroyed, along with the items stored inside. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but the incident caused panic among the police personnel and nearby residents.

The fire was first noticed around 10 am by constables who were on duty at the station. They immediately alerted their seniors and contacted the fire brigade for assistance. The fire brigade promptly arrived at the scene within 15 minutes and successfully extinguished the flames after an hour-long operation.

According to the police, the barrack was utilized for storing old furniture, files, documents, uniforms, and other unused items. While the exact cause of the fire is under investigation, preliminary reports suggest that it originated from a short circuit in the barrack’s electrical wiring.

Rajesh Kumar, the in-charge of the police station, confirmed that there were no casualties or injuries as a result of the fire. He further assured that the barrack, located away from the main building, posed no threat to other structures or vehicles. A case has been registered, and an inquiry has been initiated to ascertain the circumstances leading to the incident.

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