होम News Jharkhand Police Inspectors Await DSP Promotions: JPSC Meeting on December 8th

Jharkhand Police Inspectors Await DSP Promotions: JPSC Meeting on December 8th


Inspectors will finally be able to fulfil their four-year dream of becoming a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) on November 8th, when the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) finalises promotions. After a four-year wait, the promotion from police inspector to DSP in Jharkhand is almost here. With the approval of the High Court, the date of the JPSC board meeting has also been set. The board is scheduled to meet again on December 8th of next month.Jharkhand Police

For qualified police inspectors, the dream of being promoted to DSP is about to come true. Qualified inspectors will now at last be promoted to the DSP rank, ending a four-year wait.

The date of the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) board meeting has been set, following the High Court’s approval. The date of the next board meeting is December 8.

Attending officials at the meeting
The meeting will also include representatives from the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe, the Minority Welfare Department Secretary, the Director-General of Police (DGP), and Avinash Kumar, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Affairs and Disaster Management Department.

Promotions had been put on hold by the High Court.
The promotion committee had scheduled its board meeting for November 7th before this. But the High Court put a stop to promotions on October 31st.

Avinash Kumar, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs and Disaster Management, had written a letter on November 6th asking for a reconsideration of the meeting postponement in light of this order. It is true that the November 7th meeting has been postponed.

The promotion ban was lifted by the court.
The court removed the suspension on promotions on November 7. In relation to this order, the advocate for the state government told the court that eligible officers were being retired without promotions, which was causing them to become unhappy. leading to growing discontent among officials.

The court lifted the stay on promotions after learning about the circumstances, on the understanding that the promotions would be affected by the court’s final ruling in the matter. Promotions that will happen beyond 2019 There haven’t been any inspector to DSP rank promotions since 2019. The main cause of this is the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, which forced the state government to put a stop to all promotions.

The process started the year before, in 2022, as soon as the state government approved the promotions. The state government recommended to the JPSC in October 2022 that 36 DSP positions be promoted. Later on, this recommendation was changed, and in March 2023, a revised list was presented with suggestions for promotions to 93 positions. For these 93 DSP positions, a list of 186 police inspectors has been submitted.

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