होम News Palamau Tiger Reserve Witnesses Increase in Activity and Population During Tiger Revival

Palamau Tiger Reserve Witnesses Increase in Activity and Population During Tiger Revival


The Palamau Tiger Reserve is actively engaged in multi-level efforts to increase the population of tigers within the reserve. Tigers are establishing their territory within this tiger reserve, marking positive news for the Forest Department. Over the past ten months, a new male tiger has made an entry into the PTR (Palamau Tiger Reserve), a development that brings optimism to the Forest Department.

For nearly a week, a male tiger has been attempting to establish its territory in the northern sector of the Palamau Tiger Reserve. This tiger has been captured on trap cameras. However, it has not made any prey captures thus far. The tiger has entered Jharkhand from the Chhattisgarh-Madhya Pradesh border, utilizing the corridor stretching from Chhattisgarh through Madhya Pradesh to Jharkhand.

Changing Scenario in the Palamau Tiger Reserve From 2018 onwards, there were no tigers in the Palamau Tiger Reserve. However, this year has witnessed increased tiger activity. Notably, the northern sector of PTR saw the first tiger in March and April of this year, which disappeared after a few weeks. In October, another tiger was spotted in the southern sector, successfully making several kills. Officials are closely monitoring the situation.

Officials on High Alert Another tiger has entered the northern sector in the past week, actively seeking its territory. Subsequently, all PTR officials are on high alert. Camps are being set up by officials, and footprints and scat samples of the tiger are being collected. Cameras are being installed to capture the tiger for better understanding of its behavior and nature.

Surveillance Through Over 100 Trap Cameras The Forest Department has strategically placed trap cameras throughout the Palamau Tiger Reserve. Kumar Ashutosh, the Chief Conservator of Forests, revealed that currently, 100 trap cameras are in active mode. Preparation is underway to install cameras at various locations. The increasing number of tigers in PTR is a source of joy for the authorities. The department is actively tracking the tigers.

Creating Awareness Among Locals It’s reported that three male tigers have been identified so far. With the entry of a female tiger, the tiger population in the area is expected to grow rapidly. Due to security reasons, the actual location of the tigers cannot be shared. Local residents are being educated to ensure that tigers do not cause harm to rural communities. In case of any information, villagers are advised to promptly contact the Forest Department.

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