होम News Jharkhand Employment Fair 2023: Medininagar

Jharkhand Employment Fair 2023: Medininagar


The state government’s ground-breaking Jharkhand Employment Fair is poised to revolutionise the lives of the jobless, marking a significant advancement in youth empowerment. 5132 young talents from the Palamu district will get appointment letters from Chief Minister Hemant Soren in person on October 31. This momentous occasion, which will take place at the energetic Police Line Stadium in Medininagar, will usher in a new era of regional economic development.

These worthy young people, who were carefully chosen by private organisations via the Employment Offices and the Jharkhand Skill Development Mission, will be the happy receivers of this opportunity that will change their lives. On November 2, the Chief Minister will also give this gesture to 66 highly qualified veterinary physicians who were carefully selected by the prestigious Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC).

Analysing the data, 541 out of the 5132 recipients are exceptional young women, highlighting the inclusive nature of this programme. 3022 of the chosen candidates have completed in-depth training via the Jharkhand Skill Development Mission, demonstrating their dedication to improving their skill set. These candidates, whose origins are diverse, are a reflection of the region’s rich fabric. With 1725 candidates, the largest group is from the OBC category; 1339 candidates from the General category are next in line. There are 1204 candidates in the SC category and 864 candidates in the ST category, demonstrating the equitable and just chances offered.

backgrounds. The people who were chosen have a variety of talents and expertise, ranging from non-matric (489) to matric pass (3086), intermediate pass (687), graduate pass (247), PG pass (5), ITI pass (591), diploma pass (12), and others (15). Interestingly, 86 of the applications are from other states, demonstrating the wide attraction of Jharkhand’s progressive job-related policies.

This happens after the Chief Minister gave appointment letters to 33456 applicants during job fairs in Ranchi, Chaibasa, and Hazaribagh in the past. These programmes demonstrate the state government’s steadfast dedication to creating job opportunities and supporting the aspirations of its vibrant young people. As Jharkhand prepares the way for a better, more affluent future, keep an eye out.

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