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The Bold Leap of Jharkhand: 99-Year Leases and a PhD-Free Path for Teachers


Jharkhand Cabinet’s Revolutionary Steps: 99-year lease extensions and the elimination of the PhD requirement for assistant professors!

Under the direction of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, the Jharkhand Cabinet convened on Wednesday and approved thirty-two recommendations in a historic meeting. The leasing agreements for government lands in Jharkhand have been extended by the Soren government from the current 30 years to 60, 90, and now a whooping 99 years. In addition, individuals who meet the JET and NET requirements can now apply for assistant professor positions as the required PhD requirement has been removed.

The Cabinet meeting, in which thirty-two suggestions were approved, is in line with recent UGC directives. Of these, almost 50% have to do with rebuilding and fortifying the local roads.

The SC-ST Act gives inspectors and sub-inspectors more authority, which is a significant development. Inspectors and sub-inspectors will now be able to look into these cases under the SC-ST Atrocities Prevention Act, whereas previously, only officials with a rank higher than DSP could.

The reasoning for this choice is that there were not enough DSPs to handle the large amount of instances, which caused study into many cases to be postponed. The honorarium for Parganait, or traditional village heads, has also been raised by the Cabinet from one thousand to three thousand rupees per month. There are 194 Parganait in the state at the moment. In addition, Manki gets an honorarium of three thousand rupees a month, whereas Munda only gets two thousand rupees.

Authorization for the Establishment of the Kisko Police Sub-Division

It has been approved to create the second police subdivision in the district of Lohardaga. This police sub-division unites five police stations: Kisko, Bagdo, Jobang, Peshrarar, and Serengdag, with the goal of suppressing criminal and Naxal activities.

A Sub-Divisional Police Officer, an Assistant Sub-Inspector, two Armed Constables, four Armed Reservists, three Constables, and two Driver Constables must be appointed in order to establish this proposed sub-division. Both the formation of these positions and the acquisition of vehicles require approval from the Administrative Positions Committee. Jharkhand is about to enter a new age that promises to bring about both administrative efficiency and economic gains thanks to these calculated actions.

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