होम News Jharkhand Foundation Day: Government’s Vision for Advancement

Jharkhand Foundation Day: Government’s Vision for Advancement


The state administration is preparing to create history on Jharkhand Foundation Day by breaking ground on a slew of construction and road projects that together would cost an incredible Rs 1432 crore. November 15 is the day of these revolutionary projects, which are being directed by several government agencies and are intended to improve the state’s infrastructure and connectivity in order to bring in a new phase of growth and development.

Routes for Advancement:

In a ground-breaking decision, the Road Construction Department will lay the groundwork for eight projects totaling Rs 983.66 crore. Three of these projects are particularly noteworthy: they involve building a four-lane road from Birsa Munda Airport to Heathu-Chandaghasi-Ring Road, extending Pandra to Kanka Road Holiday Home and building a road from Godda’s Mohanpur to Karmatand. The well-thought-out projects hold the potential to significantly improve the state’s transport system.

Creating the Bases for Future Success:

Five massive projects worth Rs 416 crore will be initiated simultaneously by the Building Construction Department. The projected State Command Control Centre in Ranchi, the 500 MT capacity warehouse at Golmuri-Jugsalai, East Singhbhum, and the hostel at the BIT Sindri Campus in Dhanbad are noteworthy examples of these. The state’s landscape will be shaped by these architectural projects, which will also help the state grow in other ways.

Launching the Journey:

Additionally, the government will unveil road and development initiatives worth Rs 589 crore on the same day. When it comes to building inaugurations and constructions, the Building Construction Department will take the lead, followed by the Road Construction Department and the Rural Works Department. Notable projects include the building of a Degree College in Barhi of Hazaribagh, and the roads connecting Adki to Korba-Birbanki-Kochang-Bandhbagang and Dumri to Bara Katra-Kerakona-Chhattisgarh border.

An Overview of Jharkhand’s Future:

The government’s determination to turn Jharkhand into a centre of advancement and development is demonstrated by these projects. We encourage everyone to witness the start of a new chapter, one characterised by infrastructure, connection, and limitless potential, as we commemorate Jharkhand Foundation Day. Come along with us as we build the groundwork for a more wealthy and optimistic Jharkhand.

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