होम News PM Modi Ulihatu Visit on Jharkhand Foundation Day

PM Modi Ulihatu Visit on Jharkhand Foundation Day


In a remarkable gesture honoring the legacy of Birsa Munda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit the ancestral village of Ulihatu on November 15th, the birth anniversary of the revered tribal leader. This symbolic homage to Birsa Munda, an embodiment of tribal pride, holds immense significance.

During this visit, PM Modi is expected to announce several initiatives tailored for the tribal communities, amplifying the celebration of National Tribal Pride Day, which has been observed across the nation for the past two years. Although official confirmation about the programs slated for his visit is yet to be released, the event is deemed crucial in the context of the upcoming elections.

Notably, Ulihatu was graced by President Draupadi Murmu on November 15th last year. She engaged with Birsa Munda’s descendants, a touching moment that underlined the importance of preserving tribal heritage.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has consistently acknowledged the invaluable contributions of Birsa Munda in his speeches. The entire nation has embraced Birsa Munda’s birthday as National Tribal Pride Day, a testament to his enduring legacy. Coincidentally, November 15th also marks the foundation day of Jharkhand, adding a layer of historical significance to the upcoming celebrations.

Preparations are underway at the state level to observe Jharkhand Foundation Day with grandeur, ensuring that the occasion is celebrated with enthusiasm and fervor.

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