होम News Jharkhand Cabinet Approves 208.47 Crore Plan for Road and Bridge Construction

Jharkhand Cabinet Approves 208.47 Crore Plan for Road and Bridge Construction


Jharkhand Cabinet has given administrative approval for the revision of a plan worth 208.47 crores for the construction of 19 roads and 12 bridges under the Prime Minister’s Gram Sadak Yojana, Phase One, Phase Three, and another scheme sponsored by the central government. Out of this, 42.37 crores will be spent from the state share.

The decision has also approved the allocation of an additional 42.37 crores from the state share due to this revision. Additionally, a decision has been taken to appoint an Executive Engineer on a contract basis under the Rural Works Department.

The Cabinet has approved the revised administrative approval of 461.90 crores for the development of a 20-kilometer four-lane path, including service lanes, from Kanko Math in Dhanbad to Vinod Bihari Chowk, Gol Building Bhaya Memco Chowk, under the Jharkhand Municipal Development Project funded by the World Bank.

Moreover, the Cabinet has granted approval for the amendment in the Jharkhand Financial Rules, Rule 393, for the equal acceptance of home construction advances for all state government employees.

In other significant decisions, a report dedicated to the retired Supreme Court Justice S.J. Mukhopadhyay, formed by the Judicial Commission, has been approved for presentation in the upcoming session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly.

Furthermore, administrative approval of 67.45 crores has been granted for the widening work of the second phase of the 44.485 km long Balindiya-Bhonda-Majhgaon-Benisagar road under the Path Pramandal, Chaibasa.

The Cabinet also approved the full payment of salary allowances to employees of the Integrated Child Development Project involved in the Integrated Child Development Project.

Additionally, the distribution plan for tractors and auxiliary agricultural machinery under the scheme for the distribution of tractors and auxiliary agricultural machinery to women self-help groups and others was approved, with an estimated cost of 80 crores.

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