होम News CM Hemant Soren Directs All DCs to Develop Tourism and Religious Sites,...

CM Hemant Soren Directs All DCs to Develop Tourism and Religious Sites, and Construct Sports Stadiums in Jharkhand


Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has issued directives to all Deputy Commissioners (DCs) across the state to focus on the development of tourism and religious places, as well as the construction of sports stadiums. This move aims to enhance tourism potential and boost sports infrastructure in Jharkhand.

In a significant step towards bolstering the state’s tourism and sports sectors, Chief Minister Hemant Soren has instructed all Deputy Commissioners (DCs) to prioritize the development of tourism and religious sites, as well as the construction of sports stadiums.

The initiative aims to tap into Jharkhand’s rich cultural and natural heritage, promoting tourism as a key driver for economic growth and employment opportunities. By developing religious places of significance and enhancing visitor facilities, the state aims to attract a higher number of tourists and provide them with a memorable experience.

Furthermore, the construction of sports stadiums aligns with the government’s vision of nurturing sporting talent and providing world-class facilities for athletes and sports enthusiasts. These stadiums will serve as hubs for hosting various sporting events, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and promoting a healthy lifestyle among the people of Jharkhand.

The Chief Minister’s directive underscores the state government’s commitment to inclusive development, as it seeks to enhance both religious and leisure tourism while providing modern sports infrastructure for the aspiring athletes of the state.

By involving the DCs in this initiative, the government aims to ensure that the development plans are executed efficiently and in alignment with local needs and requirements. This decentralized approach aims to create region-specific development projects that cater to the unique tourism and sports potential of each area in Jharkhand.

The implementation of these directives will be closely monitored to track progress and ensure timely execution. This proactive approach is expected to elevate Jharkhand’s status as a vibrant tourist destination and bolster its sports ecosystem.


Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s directives to the Deputy Commissioners to prioritize tourism and religious site development, along with constructing sports stadiums, heralds a new era of inclusive growth and progress in Jharkhand. The initiative is expected to enhance the state’s tourism potential, attract more visitors, and provide state-of-the-art sports facilities for aspiring athletes. Through this multi-pronged approach, Jharkhand is poised to carve its niche as a flourishing tourism destination and a hub for sports enthusiasts across the nation.

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