होम News Breaking News: Teacher Promotion Changes in Jharkhand

Breaking News: Teacher Promotion Changes in Jharkhand


Major Developments in Teacher Promotion! If You Meet This Requirement, You Can Become Principal

There has been a noteworthy announcement about the promotion of teachers in Jharkhand. This means that educators who have worked for 20 years will now be promoted directly to the principalship. A new order has been issued by the department. A significant choice about teacher promotions has been made. The School Education and Literacy Department has issued a new order to end the protracted promotion issues of primary school teachers and resolve various disputes and objections involved, after considering the concerns and suggestions of teacher associations.

Primary school teachers who have completed 20 years of service will now be promoted directly to the position of principal, per the new directive. They will not be required to serve five years in the graduate-trained teacher role in order to be promoted to the principal rank.

Instruction Released on October 5
In light of the departmental promotion committee’s decisions, the department has considered the teacher associations’ objections to the new order, which was issued on October 5, regarding the promotion of primary school teachers.engaged.

The department’s decision to remove barriers in the promotion path has been welcomed by Ram Murthi Thakur, the State General Secretary of the All Jharkhand Primary Teachers’ Association. Thakur claims that this decision will soon fill 97% of open positions in the state’s middle schools.

Furthermore, in accordance with an additional departmental decision, teachers with graduate training who were hired between 2012 and 2016 may be eligible for promotion to principalship upon completion of a ten-year tenure.

Notification of the Director of Primary Education
It has been instructed that the Primary Education Director send out a notification regarding this. The Jharkhand Progressive Teachers’ Association, on the other hand, has been protesting the department’s decision, claiming that it disregarded the pertinent and reasonable letter (770) that was previously sent out for guidance.

What the Whole Issue Is About However, the decision directs the Primary Education Director to develop a new promotion rule for primary teachers appointed directly in Grade Four to Grade Seven (Principal) positions under the Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, by increasing the minimum tenure set by the Initial Teacher Promotion Rules, 1993, from five years to ten years. Additionally, the decision directs the relaxation of the five-year tenure requirement for Grade Four teachers who receive promotions and go on to become principals.

The guidelines used to make this decision are based on the Secondary Teacher Recruitment and Promotion Rules and the Plus Two Teacher Recruitment and Promotion Rules, which is illogical when comparing the promotions of primary teachers, so the decision is not totally fair.

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