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Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s Gift to Nature Lovers: Bandarjori Biodiversity Park in Dumka


The Bandarjori Biodiversity Park in Dumka was officially opened by Chief Minister Hemant Soren, marking a momentous occasion for those who love the outdoors. Sunday’s inauguration was a significant turning point for the area’s environmental preservation efforts. Chief Minister Soren underlined the park’s importance in protecting the region’s varied native plant and animal life in addition to its status as a popular tourism destination. He personally planted a sal tree sapling during the ceremony, signifying the park’s commitment to fostering greenery.

At an investment of Rs 4.5 crore, the forest department has demonstrated its dedication with this vast park that spans 40 acres. A natural information centre, a bamboo hut, a medicinal plant garden, a butterfly garden, a watchtower, and a children’s

of Bandarjori Biodiversity Park is its central feature. Peacocks, parrots, bunnies, deer, and monkeys are just a few of the many birds and creatures that call the park home. The park educates tourists on the significance of biodiversity conservation and acts as a hub for education beyond its aesthetic appeal.

The park is a critical step in increasing the state’s potential for ecotourism, and Chief Minister Soren praised the forest department’s diligent work in this regard. By planting additional trees and protecting the surrounding area, he pushed people to take an active role in environmental preservation. In order to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for rural areas, he reaffirmed the government’s commitment to providing basic facilities.

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