होम News Antyodaya Express to Connect Ranchi and Ahmedabad, Enhancing Rail Connectivity

Antyodaya Express to Connect Ranchi and Ahmedabad, Enhancing Rail Connectivity


The first-ever Antyodaya Express, a superfast train featuring fully unreserved coaches, is set to debut in Ranchi Rail Division on July 28, 2023. This new train service will run between Ranchi and Ahmedabad, spanning a distance of 1,445 kilometers and completing the journey in 25 hours and 55 minutes.

Departing from Ranchi at 6:15 AM, the Antyodaya Express will arrive at Ahmedabad at 10:10 PM, providing a seamless journey experience. With 12 coaches in its composition, the train will offer 10 unreserved coaches and 2 sleeper coaches. Passengers can avail this service at a fare 15% higher than the base fare of an unreserved second class mail/express train. The proposal for this new train service between Ranchi and Ahmedabad was forwarded by the Ranchi Rail Division to the Railway Board in April 2023, and subsequently, in June 2023, the proposal received approval from the Railway Board.Anticipated to strengthen the connectivity between Ranchi and Ahmedabad, the introduction of the Antyodaya Express will offer a convenient travel option for people from Jharkhand traveling to Ahmedabad for work or leisure purposes.

Additional Details

  • The Antyodaya Express is already a well-established train service operational in various other regions of India.
  • The train’s name, “Antyodaya,” is derived from a government initiative aimed at uplifting the economically disadvantaged sections of society.
  • Equipped with modern amenities such as bio-toilets and LED lighting, the train offers a comfortable and eco-friendly travel experience.
  • The Indian Railways’ Northern Railway zone is responsible for operating the Antyodaya Express.
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