होम News Teacher Transfer Discussions: District Education Committees Meet by December 20

Teacher Transfer Discussions: District Education Committees Meet by December 20


District education committees have been ordered to call meetings in various districts throughout the state in order to discuss teacher transfers. By December 20, the required meetings are set to occur. During these sessions, decisions about primary teachers’ transfers between districts will also be discussed. The date of the State Education Committee meetings has also been set by the Primary Education Directorate. By December 20, the district education committees must hold these crucial meetings regarding teacher transfers. During these meetings, the main topic of discussion will be decisions regarding the transfers of primary teachers between districts.

We will forward recommendations made in light of these decisions to the Primary Education Directorate. The State Education Committee will meet on December 27 to make the final decision regarding inter-district transfers that districts submit to them. The Director’s Instruction: Neha Aroda, the director of primary education, informed all district education officers about the planned State Education Committee meeting in a message sent on Tuesday. She gave all district education officers instructions to make sure that decisions about online applications for teacher transfers are made by the extended deadline of December 20.

In order for the State Education Committee to review the decisions made regarding teacher transfers during their meeting regarding inter-district transfers, Director Aroda stressed the importance of uploading those decisions to the Teacher Transfer Portal. She also stated that the department’s criteria, which districts must follow online to recommend transfers between districts, will serve as the foundation for the district’s teacher transfer priorities. Districts handle inter-district transfers, but the State Education Committee must give its approval first.

Phase One: Surplus and Medically Affected Teachers’ Transfers

It should be noted that transfers for surplus teachers and those impacted by serious illnesses will take place during the first phase. Teachers have been asked to submit online applications for transfers, and the district has already made public the list of surplus teachers.

All deputy commissioners received instructions to convene district education committee meetings and reach a decision on these applications by November 22. However, the deadline has been extended to December 20 due to several districts’ failure to hold meetings within the allotted time.

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