होम News Jharkhand Forest Villagers to Become Tourist Guides

Jharkhand Forest Villagers to Become Tourist Guides


Jharkhand Forest Villagers to Become Tourist Guides and Receive Training

The lives of people living in villages near the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in Jharkhand are poised for a change. The forest department has approved a 10-crore-rupee plan to develop these villages under CAMPA, or Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning.

The plan includes community development work, digging wells, and training in agriculture and animal husbandry. The government is also working to connect the villagers with tourist guides and other employment opportunities.

The villagers are hopeful of development, especially since there is currently 100 crore rupees deposited in the Dalma Sanctuary account. The amount was deposited by the Swarnarekha Project and National Highway Authority of India in lieu of Dalma land. The interest from this amount will be used for the development of Dalma villages.

Dalma Sanctuary is known for its elephants, with over 150 living in the sanctuary. The core area of ​​the sanctuary is 59.27 square miles, buffer area is 133.95 and tourism area is 13.94 square miles. This part of the forest is full of medicinal plants and valuable woods. There are also some small tribal settlements in the sanctuary.

Jharkhand Forest Villagers to Become Tourist Guides

How the program will benefit the villagers

The program will benefit the villagers in a number of ways. First, it will provide them with training in new skills, such as tourism guiding and agriculture. This will help them to improve their livelihood and become more self-reliant.

Second, the program will create new employment opportunities for the villagers. This will help to reduce poverty and improve the overall quality of life in the villages.

Third, the program will help to protect the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. By providing the villagers with alternative sources of livelihood, the government is reducing their reliance on the forest for their needs. This will help to preserve the sanctuary’s biodiversity and natural resources.

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