होम Health RIMS Doctors to Receive Up to Rs 10 Lakh Incentive

RIMS Doctors to Receive Up to Rs 10 Lakh Incentive


Introduction: Doctors and healthcare workers at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Ranchi, are on the verge of receiving substantial incentives from the state government for their unwavering dedication throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Manju Gari, the director of RIMS, has submitted a proposal to the health department seeking approval for this commendable incentive initiative.

Details: As per the proposed plan, doctors and healthcare staff who served tirelessly in Covid-19 wards, ICUs, and isolation centers will be eligible for an incentive of Rs 10 lakh. Those working in non-Covid wards will also receive a generous incentive of Rs 5 lakh. The calculation of the incentive will be based on the number of days spent on Covid-19 duty.

Dr. Manju Gari expressed that this incentive program is a token of recognition and gratitude towards the doctors and healthcare workers who risked their lives to safeguard others. The proposal is currently under consideration by the health department, and Dr. Gari remains hopeful for a swift approval.

Support from IMA: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Jharkhand chapter has extended its support to the RIMS doctors and interns, echoing their demand for the immediate disbursement of pending salaries and incentives. In a letter addressed to Health Minister Banna Gupta, IMA officials urged swift action to ensure that resident doctors receive their due payments without further delay.

Warning from Junior Doctors Association (JDA): Meanwhile, the Junior Doctors Association (JDA) at RIMS has issued a stern warning, declaring their intention to boycott work if salaries and incentives are not disbursed within the next 10 days. Dr. Vikas Kumar, the president of JDA, highlighted the disparity, stating that senior faculties and officials have received their incentives while junior doctors and interns, the frontline warriors against Covid-19, continue to wait for their rightful dues.

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