होम News A 50-Bed Critical Care Wing and Campus Improvements are Unveiled by RIMS

A 50-Bed Critical Care Wing and Campus Improvements are Unveiled by RIMS


A new 50-bed Critical Care Wing will be established at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), marking a major development. Plans also provide for the building of dorms for male and female paramedics.A 50-Bed Critical Care

The new Critical Care Wing will offer patients with severe illnesses and critical situations state-of-the-art amenities in addition to streamlining treatment processes, according to Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Director of RIMS. It is expected that this programme will make treating critically ill patients easier.

The Critical Care Unit Will Be the Main Event

On undeveloped property close to residential areas, the projected Critical Care Unit will be constructed. The development of the Critical Care Unit was debated and approved by the RIMS Asset Committee on Tuesday, under the direction of Director Rajiv Kumar Gupta. A resolution to build distinct dorms for 300 male and 300 female paramedical students was also approved at the conference. Dr. Gupta revealed that a hostel particularly for paramedical students would be built behind the MBBS Girls Hostel to improve their recreational and convenience amenities.

A fitness centre and indoor stadium will improve campus life.

The committee has made the decision to remove the badminton structure next to the multi-story parking and replace it with an indoor stadium in an effort to foster a comprehensive student experience. There will be a gym on the stadium’s top level, giving students a designated area for everyday exercise. Table tennis and badminton are among the indoor sports that can be played in the stadium. Additionally, there will be dedicated yoga and aerobics wings in the gym.
These ambitious projects, which aim to create an atmosphere that is supportive of both healthcare and education, represent a major step forward for RIMS and include the construction of an indoor stadium with fitness facilities, hostels for paramedical students, and a Critical Care Wing.

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