होम Health Ayushman Card Holders at RIMS to Receive Free Treatment and Medication

Ayushman Card Holders at RIMS to Receive Free Treatment and Medication


Patients admitted to RIMS with Ayushman Cards will no longer need to spend their own money on medicines or other treatment-related items. Until now, many cases have emerged where patients, despite having Ayushman Cards, had to spend a significant amount of money on their treatment.

RIMS management has issued a letter to all department heads, instructing them to strictly follow this order and ensure that eligible patients receive the benefits of the scheme. It is their responsibility to make complete arrangements for the treatment of patients admitted under the Ayushman scheme and to provide detailed information about such patients to the concerned officials upon their admission.

Doctors will also be responsible for obtaining a self-declaration form from patients who do not have Ayushman Cards. Patients must provide written explanations for why they do not possess the Ayushman Card and the reasons behind it.

The aim behind this initiative is to start the process of making cards for such patients immediately. Once it is clear which patients can have cards made, they will be treated under the scheme. As soon as the card is made, it will be handed over to the patients, making the process smoother and ensuring they benefit from the treatment.

Doctors have praised the scheme and stated that it should benefit the patients. However, they raised concerns about the arrangement, noting that many patients do not receive medicines on time, and certain implants take up to a month to be available. In such circumstances, how can patients be treated promptly? Delays of this nature could potentially endanger their lives.

Responding to these concerns, RIMS Superintendent Dr. Hirendra Birua explained that under the scheme, as soon as medicines or implants are needed, they are made available within a day. The current situation is much better, with immediate demands being met in departments like Ortho, CTVS, Cardiology, and others.

Most departments have no objections, so other departments should also cooperate. If the Heads of Departments (HODs) pay attention to the patients’ needs, treatment and necessary items can be provided promptly. Everyone needs to come together for this, and the institution is fully supporting the effort.

The benefits patients are receiving from the Ayushman scheme will be reviewed every month. The director will personally review all departments and check the status of admitted patients. It will also be assessed whether the beneficiaries received full benefits or had to purchase items externally.

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