होम News RIMS Launches New Neurosurgery Ward: Health Minister Gupta to Inaugurate

RIMS Launches New Neurosurgery Ward: Health Minister Gupta to Inaugurate


Get ready for an exciting week at RIMS as they gear up to kick off their brand-new Neurosurgery Ward next week. On Tuesday, a temporary COVID hospital was inspected at RIMS, with the hospital’s director, superintendent, and deputy superintendent assessing the available beds. They earmarked 50 beds, which will be shifted to the new Neurosurgery Ward.

This ward, located near the old emergency department, has been specially equipped with modern facilities for neurology patients. It includes provisions for monitoring patients closely, ensuring their well-being. Additionally, there’s a setup for Minor OT (Operation Theater) within the ward. This department will be overseen by Dr. C.B. Sahay and will handle the treatment of serious patients.

The inauguration of this ward will be carried out by the Health Minister, Mr. Gupta, according to information shared by Dr. Rajiv Gupta, the director of RIMS. The tentative date for the inauguration is set for January 25. Once the minister confirms the date, the inauguration will take place.

The Neurosurgery Ward at RIMS provides a ray of hope for those needing ground-level treatment. With the highest number of patients treated in the Neurosurgery Department, around 25% of patients receive treatment on the ground due to a shortage of beds. The opening of this new ward is expected to alleviate the space crunch and improve the overall treatment experience for patients at RIMS.

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