होम Tourism The Mystique of Hapamuni Village’s Mahamaya Temple :Gumla

The Mystique of Hapamuni Village’s Mahamaya Temple :Gumla


In the heart of Ghaghara ,block and Gumla District,lies the revered Mahamaya Temple. This sacred site, known for its spiritual energy, has been a center of devotion for over 900 years.

Spiritual Significance:

Devotees believe that the worship performed at the Mahamaya Temple invokes blessings in the same spirit as the devotion offered, drawing worshippers from far and wide, even from neighboring states. The temple is diligently managed by Brahmins who conduct rituals adhering to traditional practices.

The Mystique of Hapamuni Village's Mahamaya Temple :Gumla

Historical Roots:

According to local historians, the establishment of the Mahamaya Temple dates back 1100 years. The idol of Goddess Mahamaya was consecrated during that time, with a unique belief that the divine aura is revealed to those who witness the idol with open eyes. Priests, during the idol’s attire change, cover their eyes, considering the radiance too potent.

The Mystique of Hapamuni Village's Mahamaya Temple :Gumla

Challenges and Divine Intervention:

The temple’s history has seen its share of challenges, including local conflicts that resulted in the tragic loss of lives. During one such incident, divine intervention is said to have occurred. A celestial voice urged the attackers to cease, warning that turning back would spare them from dire consequences. The Mahamaya Temple now stands at a different location.

Colossal Devotion and a Shifted Destiny:

Constructed between 869 AD and 905 AD by the 22nd ruler of the Nag Dynasty, King Gajadhar Ray, and his son Ram Mon Ray, the temple’s care was entrusted to their guru, Harinath. It houses an idol of Lord Vishnu installed by King Shivdas. The Mahamaya Temple is a testament to unwavering faith, attracting a multitude of worshippers during auspicious occasions, particularly on every full moon day.


The Mahamaya Temple, with its rich history and spiritual significance, continues to be a sanctuary for devotees seeking divine blessings. Its cultural and historical resonance adds to the tapestry of India’s religious heritage.

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