होम News RIMS Inaugurates Surgical Skill Lab for Junior Doctors

RIMS Inaugurates Surgical Skill Lab for Junior Doctors


Junior doctors at RIMS will now be able to practice surgery easily. The Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) witnessed the inauguration of the state’s first Surgical Skill and Wet Lab on Saturday, led by RIMS Director Professor Dr. Rajkumar. Department Head Dr. Sunil Kumar explained that this technique is commonly used abroad for surgical training of doctors. Junior doctors can learn surgical procedures using artificial eyes or goat eyes with the help of this lab. In the initial phase, junior doctors from the ophthalmology department will practice in this lab. In the coming days, workshops will also be organized at the district level for stationed eye surgeons so they can benefit as well. This lab will prove to be quite helpful in eye surgeries. Dean Professor Dr. Vidhyapati, Superintendent Dr. Heeren Biruwa, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Shailesh Tripathi, Dr. Deepak Lakda, Dr. Rahul Prasad, and others were present at the event.

Treatment for children with birth defects will be available at RIMS, CMCH today. Pediatric surgeon Dr. Santosh from Mumbai will be present at CMCH, Ranchi. Special arrangements for treatment will be made at RIMS for children suffering from congenital diseases. Children affected by such diseases were consulted at the hospital on March 2nd. Pediatric surgeon Dr. Abhishek Ranjan stated that a large number of children in Jharkhand are affected by such diseases. Relatives hesitate to get treatment thinking of birth defects. Under the outreach program, consultations were provided at the OPD of RIMS for such children. A CMCH program on these diseases is scheduled for March 3rd. The CMCH program will be held at the Trauma Center Auditorium. Dr. Santosh Karmakar, a pediatric surgeon from Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital, will be present as an expert. Discussions on such diseases will be held at CMCH.

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