होम News Jharkhand Forest Service Recruitment Exam 2024

Jharkhand Forest Service Recruitment Exam 2024


Jharkhand Forest Service recruitment exam is on the horizon. This examination will mirror the format of the Jharkhand Public Service Commission’s civil services exam, with applications solicited in a similar fashion. As the Lok Sabha elections draw to a close, the Commission is poised to release advertisements in June or July, marking the beginning of the exam organization.

Recruitment Process

Under the guidelines laid out by the Forest and Environment Department, 50% of the Assistant Forest Conservator positions will be filled through direct recruitment via this exam. The remaining 50% will be reserved for promotion-based appointments.

Examination Details

The exam will be triggered if applications exceed the vacancies by more than tenfold. This preliminary stage will be followed by a competitive examination process, including a preliminary exam, main exam, and interview. Physical and medical tests are also integral parts of the selection process.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates with disabilities that impede effective job performance, such as physical disabilities, will not be eligible for appointment to this position. Additionally, individuals with color blindness, hearing impairments, or flat feet will not meet the suitability criteria. Horizontal reservation for differently-abled candidates has been temporarily relaxed for this recruitment cycle.

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