होम News Ranchi University Halts Intermediate Course Enrollment in Affiliated Colleges

Ranchi University Halts Intermediate Course Enrollment in Affiliated Colleges


Ranchi University has decided not to allow enrollment in intermediate courses in its constituent colleges and affiliated degree colleges. The university had earlier instructed these colleges on April 20 to take admissions on the seats prescribed by the Jharkhand Academic Council. However, the university has now revoked that order, stating that its colleges need to have accreditation from NAAC.

After receiving approval from the Jharkhand Academic Council, the process of enrollment in intermediate courses has commenced in colleges affiliated with other universities, including Kolhan University. Ranchi University has opposed this move.

The All India Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organizations (AIFUCTO) has protested the decision to withdraw the enrollment order in Ranchi University’s colleges. They argue that students are being deprived of enrollment, while other universities are allowing admissions in intermediate courses. The federation warns of legal action against the university’s decision.

Dr. Ramanuj Pandey, the Secretary-General of AIFUCTO, has criticized the decision, stating that it goes against the interests of students, teachers, and staff. He highlights that a large number of students will be deprived of enrollment in colleges. The federation has also cautioned about the possibility of approaching the court against the decision to not allow enrollment.

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