होम News Chief Minister Hemant Soren Inaugurates Utkrisht Vidyalaya

Chief Minister Hemant Soren Inaugurates Utkrisht Vidyalaya


Chief Minister Hemant Soren emphasized that quality education is a fundamental right for every child, and the government is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring its provision. Speaking at an event organized by the Department of School Education and Literacy in Gumla on Tuesday, he highlighted the establishment of five thousand Utkrisht Vidyalayas across the state as a key initiative to enhance the overall quality of education.

Soren emphasized that these Utkrisht Vidyalayas not only deliver superior education but also foster an environment conducive to learning. He underscored the government’s focus on upgrading school infrastructure and facilities. The Chief Minister revealed that the education budget has seen a significant 40 percent increase, and various schemes have been implemented for the welfare of both students and teachers.

Furthermore, Soren shared the government’s commitment to promoting local languages and culture within the education system. He mentioned the introduction of textbooks in five tribal languages and the establishment of a tribal university in Chaibasa. The government is actively encouraging parental and community involvement in school management committees.

Addressing teachers, the Chief Minister appealed for dedication and sincerity in their work, urging them to inspire students to pursue their goals. He also called upon students to study diligently, show respect to their teachers and elders, emphasizing their pivotal role as the future contributors

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