होम News Major Road Development Projects and Initiatives Announced in Jharkhand

Major Road Development Projects and Initiatives Announced in Jharkhand


Major Road Development Projects and Initiatives Announced in Jharkhand

– Exciting developments are on the horizon for the capital city of Ranchi in Jharkhand. Plans are underway for a significant transformation of roads, extending from Argora Chowk to Katkamal Chowk in Ranchi. To address challenges related to road widening, Ranchi’s Deputy Commissioner, Rahul Kumar Sinha, chaired a review meeting concerning land acquisition matters.

Progress on Bharatmala Project

During this meeting, Deputy Commissioner Rahul Kumar Sinha directed the completion of necessary procedures to facilitate compensation payment of an outstanding ₹18 crores in the NH-23 Gumla-Palma Project. This directive aims to expedite compensation disbursement and ensure coordinated efforts between the Bhoomi Adhikar and Regional Office in Gumla, ensuring timely payments to affected parties.

Road Expansion and Improvement Projects

Deputy Commissioner Sinha also convened discussions regarding road expansion projects, including the widening of roads from Argora Mod to Katkamal Mod, construction of Serum Toli Flyover, and Kantatoli Flyover, among other road projects. During the meeting, he stressed the importance of swift land acquisition processes, and for this purpose, he instructed Ranchi’s Additional Collector to collaborate with relevant district officials.

Relocation of Girls’ Residential School

In a significant decision, the Kalyan Department-operated Girls’ Residential School in Baridih is set to be relocated to the Jarhiya area. Deputy Commissioner Sinha has instructed the Project Director in Gumla to initiate the construction work required for this relocation.

Progress on Ormanjhi-Gola Bharatmala Project

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Kumar Sinha has also directed the disbursement of ₹66 crores in compensation payments for the Ormanjhi-Gola section of the Bharatmala Project, in accordance with the previously announced awards. Regarding construction matters, instructions were issued to ensure that only landowners who are not causing any hindrance to road construction receive compensation payments.

Attendees at the Meeting

The meeting, presided over by Deputy Commissioner Sinha, was attended by Additional Collector Rajesh Kumar Barwar, Project Director (PIU Gumla) Rajiv Ranjan, Engineers from the Bharatmala Project, District Bhoomi Adhikar Officer Sunil Chandra, Aanchal Adhikari Bedo Suman Tirkey, and other relevant officials.

Stay tuned for further updates on these exciting developments as Jharkhand progresses towards improved road infrastructure and urban amenities.

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