होम News Ranchi Ring Road Project: Land Acquisition Underway for Pandara to Kanke Road...

Ranchi Ring Road Project: Land Acquisition Underway for Pandara to Kanke Road Expansion


The Ranchi district administration is working to make the road from Pandara to Kanke wider and better. This road is part of a bigger plan called the Ranchi Ring Road project. The goal is to make traffic flow smoother and improve how different parts of the city are connected.

Land Acquisition in Progress

Officials say they are now starting the process to get the land needed for this project. They will be looking at 10 villages along a 10-kilometer part of the road. In total, they need 67.5 acres of land. Some of it, 27 acres, already belongs to the government, and the rest, 40.5 acres, is owned by private individuals.

Notices Sent to Landowners

People who own the land have been given notices. They have 30 days to say if they have any problems or disagreements. The government will decide how much to pay for the land based on the rules of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013.

Cost and Execution of the Project

This road project is expected to cost around Rs 200 crore. The work will be done by a company called Jharkhand Accelerated Road Development Company Limited (JARDCL). It’s a partnership between the state government and IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited.

Ranchi Ring Road Project Overview

The idea for the Ranchi Ring Road project started in 2006. It’s a big plan to build a 66-kilometer network of roads around the city. These roads will connect different national and state highways. The project is divided into six parts. Three of them are finished, two are still in progress, and the last part, which includes making the road from Pandara to Kanke wider, has not started yet.

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