होम News Jharkhand’s Move: Pension Bonanza for Tribal and Scheduled Caste Citizens at 50

Jharkhand’s Move: Pension Bonanza for Tribal and Scheduled Caste Citizens at 50


Chief Minister Hemant Soren unveiled a transformative plan during a jubilant state function at Morabadi ground, celebrating four years of his governance. The electric atmosphere, charged with optimism, drew a diverse crowd of over 20,000, comprising ministers, officers, and police officials, eager to witness the unveiling of a bold initiative.

“Turning 50 just got better for our Adivasi and Dalit brothers and sisters! They will now receive a monthly pension, recognizing the unique challenges they face in the job market and acknowledging their higher mortality rates at this age,” expressed Soren passionately in Hindi, capturing the essence of his empathetic governance.

Jharkhand's Move: Pension Bonanza for Tribal and Scheduled Caste Citizens at 50

Soren’s distinctive scheme adds another layer to Jharkhand’s progressive policies. While neighboring states like Bihar, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh offer pensions ranging from ₹250 to ₹300, the Jharkhand government has set the bar high, allocating ₹1000 per month. This, according to Soren, reflects a commitment to uplifting those who need it the most.

Reveling in the achievements of his administration, Soren proudly presented staggering data, emphasizing a departure from the status quo. “While previous governments catered to 1.6 million pensioners over two decades, my government has extended pension benefits to a whopping 36,200 individuals in just four years,” he declared, signifying a transformative shift in social welfare.

The chief minister, a master of numbers, showcased a slew of accomplishments, illustrating the tangible impact of his leadership. The addition of 20 lakh ration cards, free distribution of Dal with food grains to the impoverished, and doorstep delivery to primitive tribal groups marked a departure from past policies. Soren’s commitment to rescuing stranded workers during the Covid-19 pandemic and addressing the tragic deaths of two ministers underscored his leadership’s human-centric approach.

Soren’s laundry list of initiatives ranged from coaching programs for tribal groups, a substantial 75% reservation for locals in private companies, a monumental increase in the number of schools of excellence from 80 to 5000, and the distribution of two million Kisan credit cards. The chief minister also touched upon pressing issues, including concerns about the Union government’s treatment of non-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruled states like Jharkhand, outstanding coal royalties, and extensive rural and urban infrastructure development.

Not forgetting the future, Soren reassured citizens about the education of girl children through the Savitri Bai Phule Yojna, a testament to his commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable society. As Jharkhand surges forward into the future, the resonance of Soren’s initiatives promises a state that stands as a beacon of progress and compassion.

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