होम News Jharkhand High Court Expresses Concern Over Declining Water Levels in Ranchi and...

Jharkhand High Court Expresses Concern Over Declining Water Levels in Ranchi and Other Areas


Over the past two years, a decline in water levels has been observed in Ranchi and other parts of Jharkhand. Justices Rongon Mukhopadhyay and Deepak Roshan of the bench emphasized the need for serious steps towards conserving water resources to ensure availability for the residents. They pointed out that a report by the Geological Survey of India indicated a shortage of water due to not only excessive population in Ranchi but also decreasing water levels because of minimal rainfall over the last 50 years.

The High Court urged the government, along with specialists, to contemplate ways and means to increase water levels in the state. It was also noted that compromises had been made on the existence of lakes and ponds over the past five decades, contributing to the observed decline in water levels despite minimal rainfall.

The Ranchi Municipal Corporation stated that steps are being taken to enhance water conservation in the state capital. The corporation emphasized that regular checks are conducted to ensure compliance with water conservation regulations by the residents. The next hearing on the matter is scheduled in the Ranchi court on April 22nd.

The issue of declining water levels, especially in Ranchi, has raised concerns among the public and the judiciary alike. The need for immediate action to address this critical situation was underscored during the hearing.

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