होम News Jharkhand High Court Orders Stop to Meat Display in Shops

Jharkhand High Court Orders Stop to Meat Display in Shops


A plea demanding a ban on the display of meat in shops was heard in the bench of Justice SN Prasad and Justice AK Roy in the Jharkhand High Court on Monday. Following the hearing, the court has directed all district magistrates and SPs, including Ranchi, to stop the display of meat in shops. The next hearing on this matter is scheduled for April 3.

The court has also sought responses from the state government and Ranchi Municipal Corporation in the case. The court has asked the municipal corporation about the actions being taken against those violating the guidelines regarding the sale of meat. The next hearing is set for April 3.

In relation to this, a public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the High Court by petitioner Shyamanand Pandey. During the hearing, petitioner’s counsel, Shubham Katarkuka, mentioned that guidelines have been established for selling meat in shops.

Mandatory Use of Black Curtains in Shops

According to the rules, the sale of any animal meat should not be openly displayed. Shops are required to use black curtains to ensure that meat is not visible to anyone passing by. However, this rule is being openly violated in Ranchi.

No action has been taken by the corporation so far. Therefore, the court may intervene in this matter. The court has also requested information from the government and the corporation regarding the actions being taken.

Stay tuned for updates as this case progresses in the Jharkhand High Court.

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