होम News Hatia Dam’s Water Supply Decreases

Hatia Dam’s Water Supply Decreases


As the heat continues to rise in the city, so does the decline in groundwater levels. Currently, the department has no plan to deal with the water crisis. The Executive Engineer of the Water Supply and Sanitation Department mentioned that there is only three months’ worth of water left in the Getalsud Dam. Therefore, water rationing will soon begin, with residents receiving water only three to four days a week. The water level in the dam is steadily decreasing every day.

120 MLD Water Supply from Getalsud Dam Daily

The city receives a daily supply of 120 Million Liters per Day (MLD) from the Getalsud Dam. Every day, the dam’s water level drops by half an inch. However, compared to the past five years, this year’s water level in the Getalsud Dam is better.

City’s Population Doubles in Five Years

Five years ago, the city’s population was half of what it is now. The city is rapidly expanding. In just two years, around 40,000 new water connections have been added. Half of these connections are receiving water, while the other half are left waiting for water supply.

Hatia Dam’s Water Supply Decreases

Hatia Dam is also experiencing a deepening water crisis. There is only five months’ worth of water left in the dam. The maximum capacity of the dam is 38 feet, with 24 feet of water currently present, making only 14 feet usable for supply. This year, Hathia Dam’s water level is eight feet lower than in the past three years.

Last year on March 13, Hathia Dam’s water level was at 32 feet, while this year on March 13, it stands at 34 feet. Officials mentioned that only a limited population receives water supply from Hathia Dam, which is why there is water available for the next five months. The dam supplies 44 MLD of water daily to the city.

Kanke Dam Left with 10 Feet of Water

Hatia Dam's Water Supply Decreases

Kanke Dam currently has only 10 feet of water, which can last for about three months. The dam’s maximum capacity is 32 feet, and as of March 13, the water level is at 21 feet, with usable supply up to 12 feet. Below this level, it’s filled with silt.

Officials from the Water Supply and Sanitation Department stated that this March is hotter compared to last year, leading to a rapid decline in dam water levels. The danger signs of water scarcity will soon be visible. Kanke Dam supplies 19.59 MLD of water daily.

Getalsud Dam Water Level Drops Three Inches in a Month

Hatia Dam's Water Supply Decreases

Due to the rapidly rising heat in the capital, the water levels in the dam are declining. The dam, which has the capacity to supply water to 75% of the city’s area, has dropped three inches in a month.

Meanwhile, Kanke and Hathia dams’ water levels have also dropped by one to one and a half inches in a month. Along with increasing demand, the rising heat is also causing the dam water levels to decrease. In response, the department has only one solution left: water rationing. The department is gearing up for water rationing.

Rationing to Begin from Fourth Week of March

Residents will soon receive water supply for only three to four days a week. The department is prepared to start water rationing from the fourth week of March.

The Executive Engineer of the department mentioned that there is not enough water in Getalsud, Kanke, and Hathia dams. This amount of water will not quench the city’s thirst. Therefore, the department will have to rely on water rationing. Rationing will commence by the fourth week of March.

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