होम News BJP Prepares for ‘Nyay Ulghulan Rally’ Response in Ranchi

BJP Prepares for ‘Nyay Ulghulan Rally’ Response in Ranchi


Jharkhand Mukti Morcha’s ‘Nyay Ulghulan Rally’ in Ranchi on April 21st, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has begun preparations. Sanjay Seth, the BJP candidate from the Ranchi Lok Sabha seat, made a demand to the party’s top leadership for a program in Ranchi featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and Kangana Ranaut. Approval for this has been granted by the party’s top brass.

As per sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Ranchi is expected to take place soon. Meanwhile, the roadshow by Home Minister Amit Shah and the rally featuring Kangana Ranaut have already received clearance. It has been indicated that Prime Minister Modi’s rally will be held at Prabhat Tara Maidan. However, the exact date of Prime Minister Modi’s arrival has not been finalized yet. Sources suggest that the date for Prime Minister Modi’s rally will be decided by the central leadership.

Currently, preparations for the party’s rally are in full swing, and BJP’s activities in the state will escalate after April 18th:

BJP’s Campaign Activities in Jharkhand

The state’s BJP star campaigners’ activities will escalate from April 18th onwards. The nomination process for the first phase of elections in Jharkhand will also commence on the same day. The first phase of elections is scheduled to take place on May 13th in Khunti, Palamu, Lohardaga, and Singhbhum. Following the nominations for the first phase, the party’s activities, especially in Khunti, Palamu, Lohardaga, and Singhbhum, will intensify. Plans are also underway for a rally by Prime Minister Modi in Khunti.

The political atmosphere in Jharkhand is heating up as parties gear up for the upcoming elections, with BJP making its presence felt through rallies and campaign activities across the state.

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