होम News Jharkhand Ensures Uninterrupted Power Supply for Durga Puja Celebrations

Jharkhand Ensures Uninterrupted Power Supply for Durga Puja Celebrations


As the fervor of Durga Puja grips Jharkhand, the state is all set to celebrate the festival with uninterrupted power supply. In a significant development, the Tenughat Thermal Power Station has secured ample coal supply from the Central Coalfields Limited, ensuring a seamless flow of electricity throughout the festive season.Jharkhand Ensures it

Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (JBVNL) has meticulously orchestrated preparations to guarantee continuous power to the revered puja pandals and the public. Officials from both the power companies and the state government have reassured citizens, promising no power cuts or load shedding during this festive period.

Safety takes the center stage in these arrangements. JBVNL has implemented robust measures, including the installation of transformers, repairing faulty lines, and deploying mobile vans for swift emergency services. These proactive steps ensure not only uninterrupted power supply but also a secure and reliable electrical infrastructure for the celebrations.

With these initiatives in place, Jharkhand is poised to witness a Durga Puja filled with brightness and cheer. Residents and pandal organizers can now focus solely on reveling in the festivities, knowing that a steady and uninterrupted power supply will illuminate their celebrations. Stay tuned for more updates as Jharkhand embraces the spirit of Durga Puja with enthusiasm and energy.

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