होम News Jharkhand Secures 400 MW Power Supply Deal with Adani Group

Jharkhand Secures 400 MW Power Supply Deal with Adani Group


the Adani Group has agreed to supply Jharkhand with 400 MW of power at a discounted rate. The decision was reached during a meeting between Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren and Rajesh Adani, the Managing Director of the Adani Group, on Friday.

The meeting, held at the Jharkhand Secretariat in Ranchi, was attended by Additional Chief Secretary Avinash Kumar from the state’s Energy Department, CM’s Secretary Vinay Kumar Choubey, and other senior officials.

According to the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the Jharkhand government and the Adani Group, the power will be provided at a rate of Rs 2.50 per unit. The source of this power will be the Adani Group’s Gobindpur power plant situated in Dhanbad.

CM Soren has instructed the Energy Department to promptly convene a meeting with the Adani Group to finalize the details of the power supply. He has emphasized the importance of securing the lowest possible rate for the power being supplied to the state.

The allocation of 400 MW of power from the Adani Group will be a significant boost to Jharkhand’s power sector, which currently faces a shortage. This additional supply will help meet the growing demand for electricity in the state.

The Adani Group, a renowned infrastructure conglomerate in India, possesses a diverse portfolio of businesses, including power generation, transmission, and distribution. With numerous power projects across the country, the company is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable electricity to India.

The provision of 400 MW of power from the Adani Group marks a positive stride for Jharkhand, as it will contribute to fulfilling the state’s power requirements and enhance the overall standard of living for its residents.

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