होम News JSEDCL Prepares for Summer: Ensuring Uninterrupted Power Supply

JSEDCL Prepares for Summer: Ensuring Uninterrupted Power Supply


Jharkhand State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (JSEDCL) is gearing up to ensure people don’t face power cuts during the summer. The company is preparing to complete all its plans before April. These days, the demand for electricity is increasing, leading to an increase in loads on transformers. In response, the electricity department has begun its preparations.

The strategy is being devised to ensure uninterrupted power supply to consumers during the summer. It has also been warned that wherever there is a disruption in power supply, the officials responsible for those areas will be held accountable. The electricity department is making several essential preparations before the summer, working to improve the basic structures related to it. This is to ensure consumers receive electricity without interruptions.

Special monitoring will be done for all divisions:

Teams will inspect every electricity substation of all six divisions – Doranda, Kokar, New Capital, Ranchi Central, Ranchi East, and Ranchi West. After testing the transformers, instructions have been issued to fill them with oil.

Several advisories have been issued:

Thorough inspection of all transformers in cities Regular patrolling of 33 KV, 11 KV, and LT lines Keeping trolley transformers of all regions ready for emergency movement Installing additional transformers in areas where there are complaints of low voltage Trimming trees likely to come in contact with rising points on electricity wires Identifying transformers in the city that repeatedly trip due to overloading and increasing their capacity.

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