होम News Jharkhand Police Constable Recruitment: 4,000 Vacancies

Jharkhand Police Constable Recruitment: 4,000 Vacancies


The Jharkhand Police will soon fill 4,000 vacant positions for constables. The preparations for this recruitment have commenced. The initiative is being undertaken in accordance with the directives of the Jharkhand government to fill various vacant positions at different levels. Currently, there are 4,000 vacant positions in the rank of constables, in addition to the ongoing recruitment process for other vacant positions.

The Inspector General specifically discussed the filling of constable positions during a review meeting at the police headquarters on Friday. He directed to expedite the process of filling these vacant positions so that effective and meaningful action can be taken against insurgent organizations, organized criminal gangs, cybercriminals, and other emergency services, maintaining law and order, and preventing all types of crimes, especially those against women.

Due to the shortage of constables at present, the ongoing recruitment campaign is not as effective as it should be. That is why the recruitment process for these positions has been accelerated.

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