होम Health Construction Begins on Advanced Health Centres in Jamshedpur

Construction Begins on Advanced Health Centres in Jamshedpur


The construction of three advanced public health centres in the East Singhbhum district of Jamshedpur has commenced as part of the PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission, which is a significant step towards improving healthcare accessible in the city. These facilities, which have invested a total of 4.48 crores, have the potential to transform local healthcare by offering an extensive range of pathology testing.

Construction Begins


The region’s lack of suitable testing facilities will be addressed by the much-needed public health units. For several pathology tests, residents had to go to the Sadar Hospital or Jamshedpur MGM up until today. It is anticipated that the new health units, which will be positioned at Potka, Ghatsila, and Baharagora C.H.C.-P.H.C., will greatly lessen the inconvenience for patients.

Impact Expected:

This project is expected to revolutionise healthcare delivery by providing quick and easy access to medical treatment for Jamshedpur locals and those in the surrounding areas. When these units are completed on schedule, it will be a significant turning point in the continuous efforts to improve the region’s healthcare infrastructure.

the local population in Potka, Ghatsila, and Baharagora is excitedly anticipating the operationalization of these cutting-edge health centres as building moves forward in these areas. The project is a testament to the dedication to public health as well as the progress being made in Jamshedpur towards universal access to healthcare. Keep checking back for more information on this ground-breaking healthcare project!

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